Transportation Services with a Senior Caregiver in Frisco, TX


Learn how a senior caregiver can help seniors obtain the necessary transportation assistance they need. 


There are many reasons a senior may no longer drive. Some seniors, especially those who grew up in larger cities, may have never driven. Seniors may find that conditions such as chronic illness, dementia, stroke, and chronic pain make it difficult to utilize many alternative forms of transportation. Getting to a bus or train stop, standing in lines, being bumped and jostled, walking extra distances to find the elevators, and so forth are just not feasible. Others may be on medications that make getting around unassisted difficult. In these cases and many others, Comfort Keepers transportation services can be a real life saver.


With Comfort Keepers, seniors who may not be able to get out of the home by themselves have a new lease on life. For example, seniors with dementia may get lost, even if they are taking familiar routes and going to places they know well. Changes in behavior could lead to frustration or sudden outbursts. Other seniors may face a loss of hearing or eyesight that makes getting around difficult. For these seniors, effective transportation does not just include a ride from point A to point B. They may need help getting from the house to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the new location, and they made require assistance one they get to where they are going. Further, seniors may need support arranging, finding, and utilizing transportation that gets them back home. With a Comfort Keepers senior caregiver, a senior's entire transportation need is taken into consideration and met.


Transportation Services with a Senior Caregiver in Frisco, TX


Losing access to transportation is often much more than the loss of a ride. For many seniors, it equates to the loss of their freedom and independence. Psychologically, this can be devastating. A Comfort Keepers senior caregiver takes the time to build relationships that go beyond housekeeping, personal care, and transportation. The power of these relationships cannot be understated, especially when dealing with hard emotional losses, including the loss of transportation.


Many seniors see transportation as a part of their social life. No more car equates to no more dancing, no more bowling, no more dinners with friends, and so forth. After all, family members and friends can only cart you around town so much.


For other seniors, transportation was never really about the destination, it was about the process. Being free to come and go as they pleased, being able to share a ride with a friend, or enjoying the conversation along the way. With transportation services and a senior caregiver, these options are all still very much available.


In short, transportation means something different to each senior, but most of them link it directly to their level of freedom and independence. With Comfort Keepers transportation services, however, adventure, even if it is just a trip to the grocery store, is just a phone call away.

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