Become a Caregiver in The Colony, TX


Learn what it takes to be a caregiver and the many benefits that come from helping seniors.


There are many articles written about how difficult it can be to become a caregiver. These articles focus on the physical and mental hardships family care providers suffer because of stress and anxiety. The articles quote studies linking caregiving to depression and major medical issues such as heart disease, an impaired immune system, and even premature death. With so many negatives, who would ever want to become a care provider?


Thankfully, there is another side to the story. First, these articles focus on family members who are in the "long" part of long-term caregiving and find themselves overwhelmed by the dramatic increase in time and intensity of care. Second, many of these people are attempting to provide care on their own without regular help or support. These studies do not reflect the life of professional care providers or family members who take advantage of regular respite breaks and/or maintain a positive care-life balance.


Why Become a Caregiver in The Colony, TX?


In fact, a study by the National Opinion Research Center reveals that 83 percent of care providers reported a positive caregiving experience. While these professionals did not dispute the hardships of caregiving, they related that the positive outcomes far outweighed any negatives. The positive outcomes they focused on included:


  • Setting a positive example for other family members
  • Knowing that they added value and meaning to another person's life
  • Knowing that their loved one received the best possible care
  • Growing intimately closer to their loved one


In addition to these intrinsic benefits, care providers can also reap some physical benefits as well. Caregivers who focus on the positive aspects of care suffered fewer instances of depression than non-caregivers and maintained their physical strength longer.


It is important to note that family members who choose to become a caregiver do not have to go it alone. Comfort Keepers provides professional in-home care support 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Comfort Keepers is available to provide respite breaks, work alongside family members, provide alternating care, or even take over altogether if care becomes too much for a family member to handle.


For more information about becoming a caregiver or to learn about the many supports and services Comfort Keepers has to offer, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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