Top Reasons to Chose Home Care in Frisco, TX


Learn why many senior are using home care to remain comfortable in their homes as they age


When a family member needs help with daily living assistance or needs support to remain safe, many families start to think about nursing homes or other living arrangements for their senior loved one. Statistically, however, there is no better or safer place for them than in the comfort of their own home. Not only do a vast number of seniors desire to remain in their own homes, but the stresses of downsizing, relocating, and losing life-long connections can be avoided. Couple this with the benefits associated with comfort and familiarity and you will start to see the reasons home care is the best choice for the majority of American seniors.


One of the primary ways seniors maintain their independence is by staying active and remaining involved in all aspects of their daily life. When daily living tasks become difficult, the instinct is to start to perform the tasks for the senior. In a nursing home or other institutional setting, this is almost always the case. The reality, however, is that the best thing a care provider can do for a senior is to assist with a task or help modify it. By engaging in their own care, seniors not only maintain their freedom, but they have an elevated sense of self-esteem and self-worth. Home care allows for seniors to be involved in their own care to the maximum extent possible.


One of the greatest dangers associated with institutional settings is loneliness and depression. Granted, these can also happen at home, but with home care the instances are significantly decreased. Comfort Keepers, for example, uses a trademarked method of care known as Interactive Caregiving. This approach to senior care not only draws seniors into their own care, but caregivers engage seniors in meaningful social, emotional, and cognitive interactions to address the whole person, as well.


Home care also provides the opportunity to customize care. Not only does this save vast sums of money, but it ensures seniors receive the specific care and support that they actually need. In addition to tailoring the physical care services, with home care the delivery of the services is also personalized as caregivers take the time to get to know the senior, understand them as a person, and make valuable emotional connections.


In short, there may be many different choices when a senior loved one starts to require daily living assistance, but there is simply no better choice when it comes to a senior's overall independence and quality of life than home care. 

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