Interactive Caregiving: Improving the Caregiver and Client Relationship in Frisco, TX


Learn about our trademarked Interactive CaregivingTM that every Comfort Keepers caregiver utilizes.


When thinking about in-home senior care, most families focus on the physical tasks that need to be done to help their senior loved one. While daily living tasks are certainly important, and they may even be the primary reason in-home care is being considered, it is important to remember that professional senior care is far more than maid service. When done properly, senior care will help a senior remain independent, improve their safety, help maintain their physical and mental health, and enhance their overall quality of life.


A senior's well-being can be helped through physical support and assistance with daily living tasks. Yet, to truly improve the whole person, a caregiver needs to go beyond these tasks and chores and address the social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of a senior's life. This takes time, patience, and training. At Comfort Keepers, these skills fall under the trademarked method of care known as Interactive Caregiving.


Caregiver and Client Relations in Frisco, TX


Interactive Caregiving is a philosophy that places a senior at the center of each component of care. It takes the "what" out of the care equation and replaces it with "who" and "how". In other words, caregivers no longer ask "what task do I do next to finish my checklist?". Instead, they remind themselves who they are there to serve and then ask how they can enhance the senior's life while performing the next part of their assignment. Seniors are encouraged to take part in their own care routine, as this increases activity levels, independence, and socialization. By creating a meaningful relationship with the senior instead of just finishing tasks, caregivers improve a senior's state of mind, self-esteem, and dignity.


Interactive Caregiving is researched based. Studied have repeatedly shown that seniors who are both physically and cognitively active have statistically better health and enjoy increased emotional well-being. When seniors and their caregivers talk, play, and engage in activities that foster a social and emotional bond, much more gets accomplished than mere physical tasks.


To learn more about the many ways Comfort Keepers caregivers can enhance your senior loved one's life through the benefits of Interactive Caregiving, contact a senior care coordinator today. 

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