Meet Byron Ricks

Learn more about the owner of our home care agency, Byron Ricks.

Byron Ricks is not only the owner of our leading in home care agency and a tireless advocate for seniors in the Frisco, TX area but he is also a dynamic speaker, successful author and entertaining trainer. 

What are a few of Byron's career highlights?

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Master of Arts in Human Behavior
  • DDI-Certified Trainer and Facilitator
  • Certified Trainer Accreditation
  • Member of American Society for Training & Development
  • Professional Speaker Certification
  • Past Ziglar Training Systems Facilitator
  • Certified Myers Briggs Facilitator - Step I and Step II

What does this mean for your loved one?

Byron's outstanding list of diverse credentials allow him to provide a unique, meaningful experience for seniors in the Frisco area that is above and beyond what other home care agencies in the Frisco area can offer. Among the many benefits Byron brings to our home care agency, and subsequently your senior loved one, are the following:

  • Leading team members by example. With Byron's valuable training degrees and certifications, he is able to teach his team members important communication, personal development and interpersonal skills. In addition to his coaching and training of team members, Bryon himself is able to serve as a great example for everyone in the company. 
  • Effective communication.  Byron's dynamic speaking career enables him to communicate effectively with his team members. He coaches caregivers on the best methods of communication  for different personality types and encourages caregivers to use these tips to interact with your seniors loved one. Through this, our team members are able to communicate with your family and your senior loved one in the best manner for them, engaging in meaningful conversation.
  • Accountability.  Through Byron's various speaking and training experiences, he has learned, and subsequently conveys the importance of accountability to team members. He is able to communicate the responsibility caregivers have to provide senior's with the highest level of care and promotes accountability to all members of the team. 

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"You, Byron have what it takes to go "Over the Top." God bless you & Florence. Thanks for a beautiful presentation." - Zig Ziglar

"You brought to light the idea that you have to be responsible for those things that you can control, such as your attitude."-Indiana Workforce Development

"Your presentation was right on point, and was extremely entertaining as well. I was also pleased that your presentation coordinated so well with the presentations of the other speakers. You were revising your speech 'on the fly' to tie in with what had already been said-that is always the sign of a good speaker."-International Franchise Association

"I appreciated the manner in which you incorporated several pieces of current information on Pfizer and our company objectives." -Pfizer

"Your presentation was well received...and the training techniques you demonstrated for handling a variety of situations have proven effective. I look forward to having you back." -Pizza Hut


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